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03/20/2023 -- For latest developments, see Sherborne research

11/23/2016 -- This summer, we looked at Bosworth, Richard III, and more in terms of Gardiner/Gardner involvement. Too, we are still in the process of gathering. The Dorchester site was updated recently to say that Thomas, married to White's sister, came over and then went back. He died there. But, we know a Thomas was due to Hubbard (contemporary).

In the list of children for Elizabeth White Gardner, there is no Thomas. But, if the older Thomas died there, he may not have mentioned (left anything to) his son who (he knew) was over here.

A Thomas Gardner died in Salem, MA in 1635. Who was he?


06/23/2015 -- We will look at Rachel Gardner Nobel as a possible sister of Thomas.


05/21/2105 -- We will feature Dr. Frank (the Gardner author) in our research. For now, we have the ahnentafels (fully sourced) for his paternal grandparents.


This feature will be used to provide a view of topics beyond the temporal one of the post list and the loose categorical approach.


Gardner Research started in 2010 but was named in the summer of 2014, The effort is broad and supports our publications: Gardner's Beacon and The Gardner Annals.

Since the spring of 2014, we have had three papers and one correction printed in The Essex Genealogist of the Essex Society of Genealogists. The next paper will deal with the subject described below.


Did a Gardner ancestor of Thomas help in the demise of Richard III? Some have said no (to wit, the removal of the story from Wikipedia).

Another very recent example of research was following up on the namesake of Gardner, OR. This list summarizes activity and findings, to date.
  • The Gardiner who owned the Bostonian which shipwrecked in 1850 was H.D. Gardiner (this post contains a slew of links to material that is relevant to the subject from which we are developing a series of articles). 
  • H.D. married three times. Two of his wives are Thomas Gardner of Salem descendants. So, we will be expanding their tree. 
  • The Bostonian was on the west coast due to the need to supply the gold rush (49ers). We have traced the ship's activities in the time (1848 on) prior to the shipwreck. See timeline for barque Bostonian
  • This research touches upon many aspects of those times (as in, the way things were (still are?) as an important topic for us) that we will go into. Several examples: for one, newspaper reporting that was very much flowery, judgmental, and opinionated. 
  • ...
There are other examples. We are working, currently, with Eric Roth to establish a format, and the process, for applications for membership based upon being a Thomas Gardner of Salem descendant. 


  1. Have you reviewed the wills of John Gardner (1571), Thomas Gardner (1623), and his wife Agnes (dated 1635) -- all in Sherborne, Dorset, England? I paid for digital copies of them from the British National Archives, and I believe that Thomas (will dated 1571) is likely the father of Thomas (the immigrant), and that John is likely father (or grandfather) of Thomas (1571). John mentions wife Margaret; sons John, Thomas; daughter Edith and Ellen (I believe that's her name, writing's hard to decipher). Thomas (1623) mentions wife Agnes; sons Robert, John and Thomas; daughters Margaret and Catherine. Note that Thomas (1623) named a daughter Margaret, which would've been his mother's name if John (1571) is his father...

    Darlene Athey Hill

  2. Thanks for writing and the information. Sorry about the delay.

    This summer we barely scratched the surface in looking at the various Gardner records that are on-line. We have extended our view to cover several Gardner families as oblique information can be of interest. We will be doing an update of that activity in the upcoming issue of The Gardner Annals.

    Have you written about your research somewhere that we can point to?

    Many researchers, over the years, have pointed to two Thomas Gardners (father and son) coming over. We have been collecting all of the stories these as an initial step. Dr. Frank didn't think this (but, he didn't have the same level of access to information).

    Now is the time to get further into the subject. This page by a Dorchester group is an example of different views that are emerging (or were there and undocumented).

    This writer has an elder Thomas coming over and going back. He died there. But, the children list does not mention a Thomas.

    We do know Thomas as here (from Hubbard who was a cohort).

    Please let us know where we can read on your work.

  3. My genealogy book (The Gardner Family of Maine) does list the father of Thomas Gardner (Salem) as Thomas Gardner of Dorsetshire. Thomas Gardner (Salem) also had a son named Thomas Jr who traveled from England with his parents. Three generations in a row of Thomas Gardner(s) does make things a bit confusing.