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The Heterodoxy Club

TL;DR -- The Village in New York was early involved with fomenting change. An example was in the early 1900s when illustrious women worked for suffrage. This is an example of cultural concerns that we will pay attention to. A motivation, naturally, is the New England connection. We look at a few of the individuals who are associated with the related events. 


A recent issue of the WSJ had a book review that caught our interest for several reasons. One of these is that of the ladies involved, many were of New England heritage. That gets out attention. Too, the location for meetings was Greenwich Village which still had a similar aura almost a century later. Then, there was the subject which was the rights of women. The group that was formed had an interesting name: Heterodoxy club. There can be a lot said about that theme at some point. The group met from the 1910s to the 1940s. 

For now, let's name a few of the women involved and note their association with New England. Our list comes from an education site, ThoughtCo. A more comprehensive list is available at Wikipedia

Charlotte Perkins
Sara Josephine Baker (WikiTree

Crystal Eastman (WikiTree

Charlotte Perkins Gilman (WikiTree)

Marie Jenny Howe (Wikipedia)

Alice Kimball (WikiTree) 

Amy Lowell (WikiTree)

Ruth Pickering Pinchot (WikiTree

Doris Stevens (Wikipedia

In the list, we point to the WikiTree Profile for the person if there was one so as to aid a look at their pedigree. If there was nothing on WikiTree, we used the Wikipedia material. 

We have many themes to cover. Of late, we have looked in depth at the carving of the land as the world of New England expanded west. But, we will pay attention to cultural issues, too, such as this topic which requires continual attention gong forward. 

Remarks: Modified: 07/04/2022

07/04/2022 --  Added Mary Melissa Hoadley Dodge. Then, remove the Mary who moved to London. There was a Mary Dodge there. Who was she?

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