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Samuel Langdon

TL;DR -- With Samuel Langdon, we have a Patriot and the start of the Revolution. Langdon had served as a Chaplain in the French-Indian Affair. During the Revolution, Harvard moved to Concord while activities related to the war took place on campus. Langdon has a Profile in the D.A.R. database as an ancestor of members. 


Our look at the Heads of Harvard (Wikipedia) is getting interesting as we start to explore U.S. History. 

With Samuel Langdon, we have a real-life Patriot with respect to the Revolution as it followed the long period of colonial life. It is said that Langdon was "obnoxious to the Tory students." As well, Langdon was of the 4th generation and had been involved in the French-Indian affair during which time the Crown had trained the leaders who would rebel. 

Langdon was of a family (WikiTree) with some New England pedigree. He attended the Boston Latin School and Harvard. Shortly after he took his office at Harvard, the battles of Lexington and Concord took place. The College, which moved to Concord, closed for a time and barracked soldiers. Gen. Washington set up headquarters on the campus. The troops who had been bivouacked left a trail of damage from stripping metal from buildings to be used for the bullets.   

Later, British prisoners of war were placed at Harvard including in the Adams House. 

Langdon died in New Hampshire where he went after he was asked to leave Harvard by the students. 

Langdon had descendants, some of whom are members of the Daughters of the American Revolution organization. His D.A.R. Patriot record shows several members (A068943) through two of his children: Mary and Paul. 

Note: Finding a DAR entry is a first for us in this research. We will go back and determine if there ought to be other Presidents with this honor. 

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