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Gardner's Beacon, Vol VIII, No 1

This issue of Gardner's Beacon briefly looks two major events of the past four hundred years. We are just past Memorial Day with the 4th of July coming up. The respective wars were one hundred and fifty and two hundred and forty years ago. Given that Memorial Day has broadened in scope, one might expect it to become a major holiday celebrating more than the start of the summer months. It is natural that Thanksgiving will continue to be of interest.

But, we are facing the start of a long line of celebrations. A century ago, people honored the 300th: Pageant of Salem (1913). Charles Dawes was there in 1926.

The 400th of the Mayflower events is coming up in 2020; already activities have started to commemorate the lives of those who came over, prior to their trip west. Cape Ann will be recognized in 2023 and 2024. However, there were several other occurrences that will lead to celebration: Roger's arrival (1625), then John's entry (1627/8), and Rev. Higginson (1629). It was the last who was the ancestor of Col. Thomas Higginson who is known for his work with The Massachusetts Magazine and the Old Planters Society, among other things.

When 2030 comes around (Great Migration), there will be events at many locations for many years (Timeline of settlements).


The print of The Gardner Annals, Vols III and IV, is in final preparation. We will report on the status.

Included with the TGA volumes will be Gardner's Beacon issues from Vols IV through VII. The issue will cover the remaining volumes of The Massachusetts Magazine, report on a change made via an article in The Essex Genealogist, and present further material from David T. Gardner. Too, we will look at a few of the Gardner Research projects.


See Vol. VIII, No. 1 of Gardner's Beacon for a review of research to date. Sources.

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