Friday, February 27, 2015

Gardner Research and discussion

Report on Gardner Research, results and The Gardner Annals (TGA).


The latest issue of The Essex Genealogist (TEG), Vol. 35, No. 1, completes the look at Dr. Frank A. Gardner's paternal ancestry. See the following two ahnentafel charts for his paternal grandparents; the related TEG articles are noted.
All of the TEG articles are published, as well, in The Gardner Annals.

Turns out that Dr. Frank is a descendant of Nathaniel Eaton. Nathaniel was degreed in the theological framework and, as well, had M.D. and Ph.D. degrees. That might put him in a different light, one might think. Say, misunderstood nerd. 


Dr. Frank wrote two books on the Gardner family; this table lists the persons mentioned in the two books with their number. The page has links to on-line copies of the books.

The 1907 book filled in Dr. Franks's tree (descendant of son, Samuel) with cursory mention of the collateral families. The referenced TEG articles provide more details about these families.

The 1933 book covered the descendants of son George (book is available on-line).


A discussion area has a brief overview of documenting lineage (one example). See related post.

Remarks: Modified: 10/10/2021 

02/27/2015 - On page 52, there is a footnote, 48 - NEHGS, GBR, *************. Ah, how did that get through? Well, we all know NEHGS. GBR? The cousin researcher, of course. ... Late last year, NEHGS let out a re-configured site. Now, as we have seen with the web/cloud, things change. In fact, we have providers pushing out changes (seemingly willy-nilly) without any (am I wrong?) consideration for ramifications (see nonmonotonic logic). But, then, free it is (so, suffer users). ... Anyway, there is a lot of misinformation, as we all know, that proliferates. Who was the mother of Anthony Potter's kids is an example. Many said Elizabeth Whipple. But, Elizabeth Stone it is. And, GBR had a note to that effect to which I had a pointer at the NEHGS site (the link, then, became bad). And, I have not gone to refresh the information, yet.

05/08/2015 -- The Essex Society of Genealogists has a FB page.

05/21/2105 -- We will feature Dr. Frank in our research. For now, we have the ahnentafels (fully sourced) for his paternal grandparents.

09/23/2015 -- Content for the GBR ******* footnote can be found here: American Ancestors, Static pages.

10/10/2021 -- The Count features in our history of Harvard (a special project dedicated to Nathaniel Eaton). 

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