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US History, details

TL;DR -- The first photo show several things that are of interest. We only mention a few. Like, the beginning of Sunset Blvd that goes out from near Union Station to the beach. Too, curators continue to provide photos of areas of LA during differnt periods. LA can conserve. It does (has) not, lots of times. 


We will keep to a detailed view of history. Mainly, we look for forgotten stuff. So, let's get back to a couple of examples. One deals with real life and real estate. The other is real but pretains to bits which we now deal with in mountains upon mountains. 

Okay, we have written of Bunker Hill West. Our latest post, Old LA and the US, looked at an area near Union Station. In one photo, City Hall was visible. It's from the late 1920s and is a reference point. Another looks at a Church that started in the 1700s and was rebuilt in 1861: La Iglesia de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles. It is still there. So, LA can conserve. 

This photo was taken in the 1950s as the freeway was worked. You can see the Union Station and the Church. Another landmark? Sunset Boulevard starts there. In this photo, near the Church. 

1950s, highway work
near Union Station, LA in CA

If we went along that freeway for abit, we would get to Bunker Hill West. Let's look at a photo of the area where we can see buildings that were there in the 1950s, the same time of the highway work. 

This is along 2nd Street looking
eastward. Notice the top 
of City Hall. 

This is the way that DTLA looked a few years ago. Toward the right, one can see the City Hall tower. 2nd and Hope would be a couple of blocks north of where the group of buildings are to the left,  US101 runs just north of that area almost parallel with the streets, such as 2nd. 

View along 
Olive street

This Google Earth link goes to the view of OneWilshire which is the visible to the left of Olive as it is on Grand. 

The Google Earth is shown as lots of good information is now available through this medium that represents progress from the efforts of people along all sorts of domains of talent. We cannot go back, but we can find descriptions about the great buildings of Bunker Hill West. An example is Angelo Hotel (sketch) which was on Grand near Temple St. Many are working on this. 

Hopefully, curators will keep those silly, make-believe products of GenAI at bay and reduce the negative influences that are awaiting to happen. 


The above represents lots of remarkable work. We cannot name them all. But, an important one was covered in the latest IEEE Spectrum. There is a good story of the beginning of TCP/IP. If that isn't familiar, then the article will add in some detail. Too, we ought to know these events that left their markings. 

Just like we will remember the mischief let loose by Open AI in late 2022. Lots to discuss there. 

The 2022 IEEE Medal of Honor recipient envisioned the
               network of networks that became the Internet.

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