Monday, January 29, 2024

Electronic print

TL:DR -- We started with developing a footprint early. There is still a lot to do. Stay tuned. 


We had a post 10 years ago with the title of Electronic footprint which provides a list of areas where something had been posted or utilized. It was in 2014 when we got introduced to WikiTree. Rootsweb had been regularly used from the beginning of our work in 2010. Now, it's gone and supposedly will appear in the ancestry realm at some point. We'll see. 

We remarked about reprints of Dr. Frank's book. People had been doing that type of thing on the web which is really a type of plagarism. But, in 2023, we saw massive plagerism taking place without much comment, except there may be a belated reaction in the near future. 

Speaking of which, the recent ACM Comm had an article reporting analysis on LLMs which, coupled with xNNs, were the main mischief makers in 2023. It's worth a read. 

Shortcut Learning of Large Language Models in Natural Language Understanding - the paper was a thorough review. As we have made mention in our comments about this technology, there is no "creature" emering in this AIn't or anything else of a magical quality going on. Nope, this is mathematics that needs to be brought to attention, fully. And, from a brief survey, that is happening. MIT and Carnegie Mellon are offering courses that are introductions to the mathematics involved in machine learning. 

Ourselves? See this: Physicalness and mathematics. Right now, this and related papers will be indexed at our site. Some pointers go to a blog based in WP.  

Technology is our project with the computational aspects on the top of the list. 

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