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Edward III

TL;DR - Some in the U.S. like to compare their heritages, especially when royals lurk there. This has gone on from the beginning with some families making claims very early. Some of these were confirmed later. Some went out of style. Imagine that: make a claim, then have to retract. One ought to have kept quiet (like a current pair are not doing - but they have the pedigree). But, we're above all of that (thankful for no connection at all - Irish/Polish). On the other hand, we notice good research reporting and want to encourage this, even adopt the best ones. WikiTree stands out for many reasons. 


Using an informal survey, it looks like Ed III has a place of being the last of the royals on pedigrees. There are some who have later characters, however, Ed III seems to stand out. We can go back to Richardson's work (or that of others) to confirm. 

Or use WikiTree. Recently, while looking at the Magna Carta work, we mentioned progress that is observable. Today, following up on some controversy that seems to bifurcate further those on either side of the big waters, we went to look at the status of dealing with Ed III's descendants. Let's just look at two sources, for now.
  • Wikipedia - Edward III of England - according to this write up, he had 8 sons and 5 daughters. One thing that the Magna Carta event helped come about was the linkage in Wikipedia between generations which was a nice feature for a researcher to find. For the recent event, Lionel, Duke of Clarence, was the precipitator of a line that had a later member coming to New England. 
  • WikiTree - Ed III past five gens - this effort pulls together work from disparate groups. We like the approach as it could be used for documenting early colonials, such as Thomas Gardner of the Dorchester Company's efforts at Cape Ann. 
As an aside, in Ed III's time, there still was a claim to the French throne (see image). A few centuries later, the arena was in the New World: New France

It is always good to see the internet used as it ought to be. This work is an example. 

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