Wednesday, January 18, 2017

TMM, a review

In the last issue, the TGA (list of issues) provided the Table of Contents for Vol. I through Vol. V. of The Massachusetts Magazine (see The Gardner Annals, Vol. III, No. 1 - pg 13). Next issue will provide an overview of the remaining years.

Then, we will look at specific articles, such as this one (Regimental History Series, background and motivation) by Dr. Frank. The TMM had articles by several prominent authors, such as RA Douglas-Lithgow, MD, LLD.

As an aside, we now have the internet, cloud, and social media (categorization is still needed). In the early days, one printed. That is, after the press was made generally available. Many magazines have come into existence and died out since the time of entry that is celebrated by those who have New England old-time blood. The TMM was the second try with this name. The first even had the interest of old Ben, himself, as in Franklin.

Remarks: Modified: 02/16/2018

04/23/2017 -- The Gardner Annals, Vol. III, No. 1 provided the Table of Contents for the first five volumes of The Massachusetts Magazine.

02/16/2018 -- The last issue of The Massachusetts Magazine was in January of 1918. There were several factors that contributed to the demise of the periodical, such as WWI and the draft. As well, we will look more closely at the Spanish Flu which peaked in the fall of 1918 with Boston as ground zero

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