Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Recent readings of interest

Recently, we mentioned Albion's Seed in which Thomas and cohorts (all areas) are consider part of the early reconnaissance. There were four pathways covered in the book. That continues our interest in things from four centuries ago, onward to now.

Then, there was the revolutionary period after which there was an expansion west. We looked at one family who was loyal to the crown. That got us to looking at motivation in which we see Thomas Gage missing an chance to get the patriots early on in Salem.

After Lewis & Clark returned from their expedition, people started to move further west of the Mississippi. By then, Indiana and Illinois were starting to get settled. As we see with the Nebraska-Kansas bill, there were still open issues related to slavery that transported themselves out west with the settlers. The last post looked at Lawrence, KS. It was started by New Englanders who were supportive of abolition. Many New Englanders who can west were Quakers.

In the west, we saw armed conflict with some Quakers involved. That caused contention within the faith about which a lot has been written. As well as being out west, Quakers from New England had gone to the South and were there as the hostilities heated up.

Following are links to further material.

Salem and the loyalists 
Western expansion (Quakers)  
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