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Many people contribute to the progress of genealogy. For the most part, the work is voluntary; no doubt, it is more rewarding than not.

While looking at Nantucket Gardners, I was struck by the work of Eliza. She labored many years. Since running across her work (thank you, Eric Roth for pointing it out), I have used her database which is sponsored by the Nantucket Historical Association quite a lot.

Person table     
There are efforts by many others that we will document. One of these was Dr. Frank who spent his life gathering data for his books. For a list of names of people in both books, see the person table.

In the 1907 book, Dr. Frank took his line (from Samuel) down to his grandfather, for the most part. But, he did include siblings and their offspring at several generations. The 1933 book, essentially, expands the George descendant line.

We want to fill in six or seven generation for all of Thomas' children. If there are books already that do this, please let us know. For instance, there is one on the Maine Gardners. Too, we would like to fill in a matrix with other lines. Numbers, names and relationships via a simple text tree would be a good start.

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  1. I am a Gardner descendant and my mother's family has the book in Maine. My mother has a bunch of photocopies of said book