Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Resources, again

We'll have to pull these together, at some point. Right now, let's just point to the new blog (Vita Brevis) sponsored by the NEHGS (new 2014). I have been following some of their posts; the one today really got my attention (The Great Migration Study Project: A Primer). Why?

That the GMS publications are available at the ancestor.org site has been great. So, I have used their site quite a bit. But, seeing the post, reminded me of the project area which I went to look at again (not having visited it for awhile). And, I found this index.

It lists the immigrants, alphabetically, and provides the arrival year (as determined by the GMS researchers), the first residence, and Series/Volume/Page. There are seven Gard(i)ners listed. Thomas is noted as being found at GMB 731-37.


There were a couple of resource posts last year. The first motivated by Heather's comments about Cindy Crawford's ancestral story as told on WDYTYA. Then, later, I found that the Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors ... volumes are digitized via archive.org (see index to volumes).


Three years ago, I saw one genealogy blogger write that he was reducing his blogging effort and would be removing some of his posts. Of course, I had to weight in (On blogs and other modern means), after all Gutenberg's time, while still here, started long ago. But, issues there remain open (wild-west, insecure internet, for one).

Let's say that seeing the NEHGS step up to blogging is an encouraging sign.

Remarks: Modified: 05/06/2014

05/06/2014 - I actually commented on one posts about "Quality persons" as there was reference to a book which is, thankfully, available on-line.

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