Wednesday, May 30, 2012

William J. Worth

May is about over, so it's time for a post. There are plenty of subjects to cover, but what if we look at another descendant (possible, stepson), William Jenkins Worth?


General Worth is of interest, for several reasons. He was born in 1794 to Quaker parents. His military experience began with the War of 1812 (next Beacon theme) where he served as an aide to Winfred Scott. He was wounded but continued his military career.

Later, William was assigned to head the military department of Texas. He died in San Antonio in 1849. Fort Worth, among other places, is named after him.


Being brief, William's forebears were William Worth and Sarah Macy. Both Worth and Macy were of Nantucket families (with Gardner/Coffin, et al).

Aside: John, son of William and Sarah, who was a forebear of the General, was married several times. The first wife was Miriam Gardner, a granddaughter of Thomas and Margaret. Which of John's sons was the forebear of the General? Some say John, Jr. whose mother was Dorcas Smith. Once we get this figured out, we'll update the descendants list.


07/11/2012 -- A recent issue of Gardner's Beacon looks at the War of 1812.

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