Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gardner's Beacon, Vol. II, No. 1

February has become associated with the mid-winter celebration of Valentine's Day.

See Vol. II, No. 1 of Gardner's Beacon for examples of Valentine Day's cards from the 1880s. Also, we do a profile of a son, Joseph Gardner, who married Ann Downing. Their house had quite a history.

References: Felt, Joseph B. Annals of Salem 1827; Wikipedia, Valentine's Day


06/19/2019 -- Left comment at Salem, MA blog: First-period Fantasy. Also, will be updating all of the posts referencing Joseph and Ann (Aunts, uncles, cousins, King Philip, Joseph and Ann, ... ,, ...).

02/13/2012 -- Besides Joseph and Ann being a colonial Valentine story, we have Ann showing that a widow was more than a 'relict' (we'll go into that in depth at some point).

02/02/2012 --  Added in the house image. Thomas would have visited Joseph and Ann here. We can look at several other locations, by time, to fill in a story. 

Modified: 06/19/2019

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