Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Future scholars

It is good to see ye olde times being studied by students whose time will be in the 21st century.

The Peabody's Puritan Planters reports that 100 students at the Higgins Middle School were to write on "one of four planters" (peabody.patch[.]com  / announcements / peabodys - puritan - planters#photo - 8508970) who were early in the area, namely John Endicott, Thomas Gardner, William Trask, and John Humphrey. The report shows part of an early map of the area.

Peabody Public Schools has a curriculum oriented to the history of the area which was part of the Salem Village and then of Danvers until 1855. The site has a nice collection of material that can be used for ready reference, including pointers to the Winthrop Society's effort at naming all of the early settlers and building a database entry on each.


01/03/2013 -- The curriculum pointer is gone, changed to point to the school district's site.

03/28/2014 -- See Vol. IV, No. 1 for a discussion of the movement from Cape Ann to Salem.

08/11/2020 -- While looking at some geological issues related to the continental U.S., we saw a 4th-grade lesson (this time, Georgia). Too, the topic bears more attention, so we provided a few links. Also, in this post, pulled out the stale pointer.  

Modified: 08/11/2020

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