Thursday, October 13, 2011

The pond

Some see it as the pond. Earlier, it required a long trek over water with a lot of unknowns. It? Yes, the big ocean over which came the great bunch of migrate'rs who became the basis for U.S. of A.

Now, we are dealing, here, with genealogy. One adage is this: we handle things over here, and let those over there handle their part. That is, or as in, don't conjecture without a proper foundation upon what went on over there before the immigrant showed up here.

Some families have made the link twixt here and there. Kudos to them. Many others have not.

Our intent has always been to work on the bridging. How (the operative question)? Well, visits will be in order, at some point. For this post, let's start a list of resources.
  • The 1923/24 crew (and Margaret's house) was sponsored by the Dorchester Company. Recently, I ran across this list of the funders. These were the bosses of Thomas and John and the others. So we ought to get to know them. Many, of them, turn up in various family trees, anyway, so they'll get attention. The John White page mentions his siblings. The list for Elizabeth's children does not mention Thomas. That needs to be looked at. As well, how was Thomas introduced into the Company's rolls (and roles - see the Aside)?
  • The Dorset Parish Clerks pages provide information that comes from a lot of work by a lot of people. How many others, of this type of site, are there for us to use? It was said that John mentioned Sherborne as a place of origin for Thomas. This site might be a place to start to look at that issue.
  • A U.K. site relates to the work of one researcher; the organization is superb. Really like the display by counties in the New England states. Use this site a lot for reading about collateral families.
  • ...

04/26/2012 -- Last month, I was reading about Alan Turing and the 100th celebration. Sherborne School was mentioned. One thing to do is check whether, or not, they have records back to the early 1600s. I know that they can identify the headmaster from that period. As well, what other schools are in the area?

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