Sunday, July 17, 2011

Samuel Knapp Gardner

There are several themes that will continue in these posts. For instance, the recent Gardner's Beacon issue briefly looked at what is behind the celebration of U.S. Independence. That conflict dragged on until almost the mid-1780s. Then, it was a mere 30 years later that we had England meddling with us via the War of 1812.

Another theme dealt with ancestors across the waters, such as we discussed with some of the Gardners, to wit John Lowell and Simon Stacey, including those that have royal ancestry in their tree.

Samuel Knapp Gardner, a son of Simon Stacey Gardner, has several of these topics. Here is his tree (Plumer family). Samuel was a mariner and was a prisoner of war during the War of 1812. He was held in HM Prison Dartmoor. Many did not make it back from that experience.

Forgetting the royals, until later, let's look at a couple of other topics. Samuel has Edward Woodman on his tree through his mother, Rebecca Knapp. Edward, as a Deputy to the General Court (see eligible ancestor list), was a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts. This group was a 1638 offshoot of the Artillery Company founded in the times of Henry VIII.

Edward Woodman is also of interest in that his great grandfather, Richard Woodman, is a noted Protestant martyr, having been burnt at the stake in 1557. Wiki has a listing of those who were victims in the events.

Samuel (1781-1850) married Mary Marsh. Their children were William (-1852), Samuel (1801-1842), Mary (1803-1872), Eliza ().


03/01/2019 -- We're building an index by images on our Portal to truth.

07/12/2016 -- The family lost the house due to events related to 1812's conflict.

07/11/2012 -- A recent issue of Gardner's Beacon looks at the War of 1812.

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