Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gardner's Beacon, Vol. I, No. 2

Scores of nations celebrate an Independence Day. We all know of our own Fourth of July.

The motivations for freedom run deep and long, however early settlers were instrumental in establishing the basis for the American independence even though they were 150 years early. Due to conflicts in the mother country, there was a lot of latitude allowed to the colonials which they used to work issues of self-governance.

All of this, we'll look at further, using the context of Thomas and Margaret and their kids as the framework.

In fact, from where I sit, Thomas seems to be exemplary. He came over here to an unknown situation with his family, raised his family to productive adulthood, contributed to the commonweal, succeeded in the commercial environment of the time, was well-respected by his peers, and left a legacy for all time. The ultimate citizen, in a sense. That is why I refer to him as an example of the backbone of the economy. As well, he is definitely one of the founding fathers.

For starters, see Vol. I, No. 2, of Gardner's Beacon. Expect that there will be a continuing thread on this topic.


08/31/2011 -- Vol I., No. 3

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