Gardner Questions

03/20/2023 -- For latest developments, see Sherborne research

As mentioned recently, we have (and will have) a running series of questions related to topics taken on by Gardner Research. Essays will be used to present the results of research. Some of these will be articles in The Gardner Annals. Others will be posted at Then, we will continue blogging, albeit the structure may change.

Many questions will be amenable to the FAQ approach. For a list that can be considered as our first FAQ attempt which will point, for now, to work on the subject related to the question (either a post or Wikipedia or Gardner's Beacon).

See interim Gardner FAQ.

Note: "Answering questions" post mentioned a collection of topology problems (Pearl, Elliott (2007) Open Problems in Topology II Elsevier) as an example of our usual state of having more questions than answers. This link is to the Second Edition (1,613 problems). 


  1. Thomas Gardner related to Sir Thomas Gardner late 1500s to eary1600s???

    1. The questions of whence (and related topics) are an on-going area of research. Today, we have taken up the issue of whether Rachel Gardner Nobel was Thomas' sister.