Saturday, September 30, 2023

Moldering bones

TL;DR -- Moldering? Bones? Yes, more later. 


Or as the Brits might write, mouldering. Recently, we wrote of a colleage who worked in metals and who died after retirement: David E. Jakstis. The theme of the post was David's role in the development of truth engineering. This, not merely tongue-in-cheek, is what aritificial intelligence will be when it matures. 

Moral: Truth? That which money does not control.  

All of this discussion relates to technology as it advances along what many call a bleeding edge. New Englanders ought to know of this type of thing. After all, prior to the Civil War, events in "Bleeding Kansas" stoked the fires of abolitionism and led to the eventual conflict. We will go back to that theme, already having had several posts related to the subject in its difficulties. 

But, that time of John Brown (whose soul is mouldering) and now? Yes, indeed. 

This is a brief note and will be expanded with details and links. 

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