Friday, September 8, 2017

Intro page

Over time, we'll be adjusting the web site to be more interactive. We have been using an intro page for awhile now which can point to a current topic.

NEHGR References at TGS site 
We will have another issue of Garner's Beacon this year and of The Gardner Annals. Too, progress is being made on the printing and binding of Volumes I and II of TGA plus three years of GB. Next year, there is a plan to print the remainder issues through the end of 2017. More on this later.

Our new site is:

Remarks: Modified: 10/10/2018

10/10/2018 -- As we review our growing collection of material, we will improve the ability to browse and search. First step is to have images pointing to content. We will add more, such as a search button. Content vs configuration is a continuing theme (relates to the core of computer-aided knowledge). 

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