Thursday, March 31, 2016

More on the Gold Rush

Last year, we published an article about a barque, the Bostonian, that wrecked off the Oregon coast in 1850. Near the wreck site, Gardiner, OR was founded. The barque was owned by H. D. Gardner.

The book, Seeing the Eliphant, that was published in 2010 was about his niece, Rebecca. She married James W. White. The couple was of those who ventured to California during the time of the Gold Rush.
Seeing the Eliphant

We are researching to determine how the couple went west. But, they went by either of the sea routes. Of late, we have been looking into details about the land route.

Remarks: Modified: 11/07/2018

06/17/2016 -- More on trails.

10/30/2018 -- We have a lot more information on H.D. and his brother, C.F. For instance, this look at one of their products: Looking at Gardiner’s Rheumatic and Neuralgic Compound. The article published in 2014/15 will be updated: The Gardner Annals, Vol II No 1 (first published in The Essex Genealogist - which comes out of Essex County of Massachusetts). Then, on the western expansion, itself, there seems to be endless studies possible. We hope to get the attention of the Douglas County Historical Society or of others who might be interested.

11/07/2018 -- On the image from S.F., it said August 1849 which was only one month after the ship left Boston. Obvious typo. Too, we are using this post (The Gardiner that was) to collect and show material.

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