Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Miscellaneous status

Last year, about this time, we had a diversion to Charles Olson. He was the Gloucester poet. Also, in that same post, we mentioned paleoichnology. These themes concern relating to prior times.

Of late, I ran across Alberto Rios. One (The Who That I Am) of his poems struck several chords. I have attached an image, from Mesa Arts Center.


For a couple of months, I have used Quora. It has a question/answer format (see examples). I need to collect those answers related to New England history and other TGS interests. Several times, I have seen answers that were lifted from elsewhere on the web, with no attribution. That type of copying seems to be taken as okay, as if plagiarism is the norm and acceptable.

Yet, one has to think that some type of structure could be built there. Wikipedia has a policy of no original research. Quora does not have that NOR restriction. They do have the neutral tone policy which is not hard to adopt.

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