Sunday, June 22, 2014

Thomas Gardner Society, Inc. site down

This has been a bad week for genealogical "web-sters," it seems. went down; the auxiliary sites are still unavailable, to wit myfamily, rootsweb. The other day, Facebook was down.

Today, the site at is unavailable since the server that supports it is having a file system problem which started earlier this am (no expected uptime given).

There will be more  information later (see for now).

Remarks: Modified: 11/22/2014

06/22/2014 - 219 pm. Site is back up. No explanation. ... 235 pm. Chatted with support. They cloak the information under proprietary shields. Perhaps, I ought to look at what discussions there are in the community about failures/outages, of this type (which was said to be a disk failure, rather than some outage due to hacking).

06/22/2014 -- See the post related to the move from MicroSoft's OfficeLive to Hub (March 15, 2012). I still have my research notes. ... Too, a recent post about content management (earlier post in this blog, CMS again). ... Some have gone to the cloud which is a nebulous affair for the user. That is, the cloud provider hides the technical issues (or, a lot of them). Yet, the user is the one who has the responsibility for the content and its availability. --- Yes, they stacked a whole lot of stuff on that node. The paying stuff is back (like Those things that were freely available (and, in many cases, not started by the ancestry folks) are still out - will they come back? As in, there had already been a notice that was disappearing. Will they make an effort to get it back so that we can download our material (supposedly to be done before mid-July - or, that was the deadline before their outage).

06/24/2014 -- At last, rootsweb is back. ... Wait, it's an empty shell.

06/25,26/2014 -- rootsweb is back. Listing of 303 trees for Thomas (those with sources, showing descendants and providing the death year). ... Of the 303, 181 trees have parents for Thomas. ... Then, there are 43 trees with George being the grandfather of Thomas. ... See Whence came ...

11/22/2014 -- 12:29 cst -- Site down, plus email not available.

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