Tuesday, January 8, 2013

TGS Forum

Note: 05/24/2017 -- Database problem. Most likely will shut this down and move to another technique.

Note: 03/02/2013 -- See Remarks this day, below.

To facilitate discussions, and activities, related to the 400th anniversaries and more, we have added a bulletin board to the TSG site. There is an easy registration step (or, browse and post as guest) including one little bit to verify that the one registering is a person (inhibit spamming).

For now, no moderation is planned; we assume the usual protocols of good conduct.


There are two threads now: birth order of the children (see the image which is cut from Dr. Frank's and Anderson's books) and initial entry of Thomas and Margaret. But we expect this list to grow. Anyone can add a thread.

It is expected that some facility like this can be used to coordinate a group's interaction and to keep things moving forward effectively.


05/21/2014 -- Real progress comes in slow, small steps?

07/11/2013 -- Looking at website improvements, this date.

03/02/2013 -- Putting in the agreement didn't help. Evidently, people don't read the things. So, the spam continued. As of a few days ago, the automated registration has been disabled. New accounts can be obtained by mailing jmswtlk[@]thomasgardnersociety[.]org. Specify desired ID and particulars about your interest in the TGS. Namely, family and friends are welcomed.

01/24/2013 -- Due to spam registrations, the TGS BB requires an approval. That is, go to the site's registration page, check that you read the agreement (note, for family and friends of Thomas and Margaret () Gardner of Salem), fill in the needed blanks, and then we'll get a notice. As mentioned in the What's New at the TGS BB, we intend to have a persistent site. However, there will be improvements as we go along. Data will carry forward.

01/12/2013 -- Split TGS BB (forum) into public (can be read by guests) and private (requires registration and login) areas. For instance, the Social category has Water Cooler (public) and Break Room (private).

01/11/2013 -- Added link to TGS from FamilyTreeCircles. Found this while searching for Rachel, proposed sister of Thomas, after seeing her mentioned in another blog (Turn the Hearts). I had seen her in early browsings, but today I decided to look in more details.

01/10/2013 -- Added in a "water cooler" board, for general topics, a what's new board, and renamed the working category to Family focus. Some of this ought to be members only, perhaps, leaving only overview items as public.

01/09/2013 -- A BB is fluid, essentially. A blog is less so. One would expect that we would take information that comes in via the BB and structure it, with other information, into other formats. How this might be done will be discussed further, at some point.

Modified: 05/21/2014

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