Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gardner's Beacon, Vol. II, No. 3

It was not long after the end of the Revolutionary War that events started to lead to the conflict of 1812. The young country had its hands full on several fronts. Defining how it was to be was one of these. Too, it was a new type of thing, a democracy in evolution, that needed to be spelled out. Are we not still at that?

Then, there was harassment coming from the north and on the sea that rankled the American populace. Following the War of 1812, a couple of generations later, was a succession of states that led to a Civil War. It is of interest to see the seed for some of this earlier in the century.

The USS Merrimack (1798) was a gift from the shipbuilders, and others, of Ipswich to the U.S. Navy to help handle the sea issues, such as piracy and privateering by the French. See XYZ Affair at the U.S. State Department.


See Vol. II, No. 3 of Gardner's Beacon for a brief look at the War of 1812 and New England's roles.


03/09/2019 -- Add in a reference to the Quasi-war (and the XYZ Affair) with France that was during the last years of the 1790s.  

Modified: 03/09/2019

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