Tuesday, March 10, 2015

History mystery

The Salem Gazette published a column by John Goff on March 6, 2015, titled: Salem's Lost Carousels (link pending). John's second column will look further at the Gardner relationship.

In the following (via email), John describes the research motivation and results.
    The history mystery relates to a very early and modest-sized Federal Era wooden carousel that may have had 12 wooden horses upon it---It was one of the first carousels that was ever built in America---and it functioned HERE IN SALEM, MA in 1799-1800..over 200 years ago:

    a) The esteemed Reverend William Bentley, of our East Church, reported in September 1799: "The place has been erected in Bridge street for the riding of the wooden horses, a newly introduced amusement of the Town."

    b) Benjamin Browne reported that it was JOSEPH GARDNER (a baker on Bridge Street, and descendant of Thomas Gardner)---thus another distant Gardner kin of ours...who "was the proprietor of the famous wood-horses, which were the delight and admiration of the boys of my day"

    c) A Salem newspaper ad ran in 1800, promoting the Salem carousel---and commenting upon the health benefits (for increasing blood circulation)!!

Joseph Gardner is #187 in Dr. Frank's 1907 book and is an uncle of Benjamin Brown Gardner.

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