Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sourced timeline for barque Bostonian

The article is done and submitted for review. An appendix is being posted below to encourage further research and discussion.

Gardiner, ME and Gardiner, OR are named for the same family. ME is named for Dr. Silvester. OR is named for the grandson of Dr. Silverster's cousin.

Who? Henry D. Gardiner. His barque, the Bostonian, shipwrecked on the OR coast in 1850.

An article (see TEG, v 35, n 2; The Gardner Annals, v II, n 1), for which the below image is the appendix, will be published soon with the details about H.D. and his brother, C.F.

barque Bostonian, Timeline
Remarks: Modified: 04/08/2017 

04/08/2017 -- See TGA, Vol. II, No. 1 - pg 11, for the Timeline.

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