Friday, June 7, 2024

National Rose Month

 TL;DR -- We are trying to have a monthly theme related to remembrance. June has Roses on its list. 


Last year, we started a list of topics for a regular awareness by month; in November, we honored American Native American heritage month. Every month has a list of topics to remember. In the US, May has Mother's Day. Then, June has Bride's month and Father's Day. 

But, June is also the Month for Roses. They're blooming in many parts of the U.S. which has quite a variety of zones for plants. Let's look at these as defined by the USDA (/Department of Agriculture). 

Hardiness zones 

Many botanical gardens in the US have sections where roses are grown and shown. Too, there are societies devoted to study and appreciation of the plant. For those wanting to grow roses themselves, one option is to put in bare rooted plants. 


Finally, back to genealogy and history, we leave with the painting of the rose choice in the garden. 

Wars of the Roses

Earlier, we wrote of the the Wars of the Roses as an example of motivations (Origina - motivations) for leaving England. 

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